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Akash Akay an inspired story of famous indian musical artist from ghaziabad

Akash shared with us a few things about the bygone days of his life in a Last Friday Live interview

Akash is currently an Indian artist who is known as Akash Akay Akash currently lives in the city of Ghaziabad and he has done B.Com in his education Akash who has achieved many achievements in the world of music genre in his life.He has released his new album in 2022 which was published from the famous label Pannu Music Factory which is as follows

 1. Aavargi Ban Gyi
 2. Kalakari
 3. Bhaag Bhaag
 4. Chal Ab nikal
 5. Bholenath
 6. Koi na pehchaan
 7. Pessa pessa
 8. Kho Gayi Manavta

As soon as new songs were released,Akash Akay's songs started becoming superhit overnight,due to which people started liking him a lot, many of his songs were released, on which people gave a lot of love to Akash.People know and they do their work with great effort and their behavior is also the same towards everyone.Streaming comes which is a dream of every artist nowadays, Akash has brought laurels to his parents and his city and he is still working diligently to make new songs day by day, learn to practice and sing well.Today Akash has made his place in the hearts of millions of people.Akash's family is very proud of him, they are excited to make the coming generation understand more importance of music and bring the music genre to the top rank in the world.Do it so that every artist illuminates the name of not only his parents but also his mother India,the sky is moving ahead in his life every day.do and also help other artist to move forward.

 About the Akash Akay -

 Born : 4 July 2001 (Age 21 Years) 
 Parents : Hari Singh , Daya Vati
 Birthplace : Ghaziabad , India 
 Education - B.Com
 Record Label : Pannu Music Factory