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Kamal Photography - A Growing Talented Indian Photographer & Vlogger

Kamal shared a few things about himself with us in our Monday Live interview.

Trilok Chand Bairwa, known professionally as Kamal Photography, is an Indian Photographer and vlogger based in Alwar City, Rajasthan.
Kamal Raj
Indian Photographer
Kamal is a photographer based in Alwar who is fond of clicking wedding photos and artist's photos and himself,With more than 4 years of experience.He works well in the direction through the lens of his camera to make your special day memorable.They provide good services to those customers who want to grow their business or grow themselves.He does a great job through his photos.Regarding these things, he does all the editing from his PC and does not get anyone to work.He is doing very good work in his life.And they also provide their customers with the help of moving forward by renting out their 2 & 3 cameras.
Kamal was born on 04 September 1996 in a small village in Reni, Alwar.And his nickname is Kamal Raj.His father is a farmer and mother is a housewife and he got married a few days back and now he also has a child named Lavish and wife's name is Suman.He studied in his village school and was very fond of photography since childhood.Earlier he used to do photography from his small mobile.Gradually he got fond of it and he took Android mobile.After that, he started his editing a little on the phone itself.After this, small artists start the editing photo, due to which a little money started coming in.With that money, he purchase a first camera.After this, his age gradually increased and he has taken two-three of his cameras and started renting it to people, due to which he earns money on quite well now.  He is moving ahead in his life in such a way from which we get to learn a lot.If we keep working hard, we will keep moving forward.

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