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Qwick Live ( Hago / Ola Party ) Transparent PNG DP / PNG Profile Photo

 How to Put Transparent PNG Profile Picture in Quick Live?

1.First of all you have to download this background eraser.

 ● Background Eraser Download 

2. After downloading, you have to erase the background of your photo!

3. Afterthat download this VPN!  And install it in your phone, after installing it, open it and then connect it to the Singapore server.

   ● VPN SUPER- Free VPN Proxy Server & Secure App Download     

4. After this, download this Hago Old Version 1.2.3 in your phone and open it.

● Hago Old Version 1.2.3 Download

5. After opening the old version Hago 1.2.3, you will have to login with your ID number!  After logging in you have to send the OTP to the number !

6. OTP does not come when the Indian ID is opened in The Hago. So to take OTP, you have to open Qwick Live and you have to login ID by number, like if you login ID from number then you have to send OTP!  The OTP that will come will have to be inserted in the old version of Hago 1.2.3 and then your id will be opened in Hago.  For some time.  As soon as the id is open, the photo background eraser you did quickly.  He has to attach his profile quickly.  Then you have to login ID in Qwick Live.  When you login ID, Transparent PNG DP will be put on your profile.