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Qwick Live ( Ola Party ) Video Live Stream Registration / Hago Live Streaming Form

For Hago/Ola Party Live Hosting Requirements⤵️

Video for Audition
Video Example :- You have to say this in the video!
Hi sir
My name is .............
I'm from..................
My Qwick Live/Ola Party ID Number.................
I want to join live hosting on the Qwick Live/ola party
My talent is....(and need to show talent)

This form is for Hago video talents only The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

 Afterfilling this form, you will get the option of live within 24 hours.You must have some talent inside.

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 *Regular ( Normal ) hosts audition:*  *New Link* 👇

Ola party Policy:-

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Ola Party Video Host Audition Form
Hi! Thank you for considering joining OlaParty!
We've been looking forward to your participation!
Please fill the form and we will get back to your agency with your audition result in 3 working days before 15th of every month. ❤️
1. Hosts’ location must be based in India/Pakistan/SriLanka/Bangladesh, otherwise he/she will be rejected.
*If host is rejected mistakenly because his/her location cannot be detected, please ask them to register a new account to do the audition.
2. Host must be 18 years old above. The underaged will be rejected.
3. A host can’t be under 2 agencies at the same time.
*If host fills out the form under 2 agencies, host will be under the former agency he/she filled.
*If host creates more than 1 account to be under 2 agencies at the same time, once found out his/her second account will be banned permanently.
*If host wants to transfer agency, he/she must get the confirmation from the former agency head first.
4. Host must choose a tag for his/her specialty when submitting the audition form. (Singing/Dancing/Rapping/Chatting/DJ/Kuso/Fortune Teller…)
5. When uploading the audition video, please make sure it starts with “Hello my name is xxx, and my Ola ID is xxx…” and please make sure your talent is shown in the audition video.
The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form